I give up winter.

I give up raspberries, and coca cola, and using a tea cozy as a hat.

I give up the grade F green tea that I bought that tastes like straw, and wallet chains and sundried limes. I give up putting cherries in ice cream and will no longer ride a unicycle to work or even anywhere.

I give up building boats out of fiberglass and letting my ears hang low. I will stop storing ducks and navigating by wind-chime. I give up mixing ham and yogurt, and drinking from the top of flagpoles. I will not skip backwards, and will stop wearing bracelets as necklaces.

I will not not not stop triple negatives as if I understood that sentence. I will not dot my sevens nor pimp my ride. I give up houses of cards and blowing my nose into headphones, opening mail and buying used light-bulbs. I give up colored screwdrivers and most swimwear, and oil paints in my cereal.

I hope lent gives it back.