Unity, and

To those who don't know who or what PLUR applies to, go look at the node for the definition of a raver.

Ravers (try to) live by the principle of PLUR. Another, less obfuscated way of acknowledging the old saying, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Or, don't be such a bastard.

Peace Love Unity Respect(PLUR) is actually some kind of rule or mantra of the rave culture .
Previously Love Peace Ecstasy (LPE) it's more mainstream and more popular because it removes the drug reference. It is a simple acronym made of four rules that people which attend a rave should follow and respect.
Origins of this acronym are as old as beginning of the rave sub-culture,in mid 1980s ,when acid house started to penetrate into the scene.
Neon lights in various warehouses were blinking words "Peace,Love,Unity" and the word "Respect" is added later and the world famous acronym and a raver's prayer was born.

There are also other versions like PleaseLetUsRave or PeaceLoveUnityRave but every rave-party attendant has his own idea what PLUR actually is.
It is often described as "that feeling when group of people move,smile and finally dance as one;without any excesses which happen often in other subcultures;without ego conflicts or fights(which are lately unfortunately more common on parties)."

Due to bad publicity,problems with the police,drug misuse and even drug related deaths on rave parties,many ravers will add another "R" to this acronym,referring on the word "Responsibility".
Unfortunately,many ravers claim that PLUR(R) lost its sense in the mid 90s,but the real PLUR lives in everyone of us.
You just need to let it out and show that you don't ignore any of these elements,because atmosphere on a rave party is not something that will come by,it is something that we build together.


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