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"An Absurd Encounter With Fear" is a 1967 short (2 minute) film by a 21 year old David Lynch, "starring" Jack Fisk and Peggy Lynch. It is an experimental film, and due to its short length and low production values, it is unclear what is going on here. But it certainly manages to set an atmosphere.

A man (Fisk) approaches a woman (Lynch) across a field. When he reaches her, we see that she is in what seems to be a catatonic state. The man then proceeds to start unzipping his pants---and pulling out bouquets of flowers. After doing this for about a quarter of the film's length, he falls down, seemingly dead. The film then ends.

It is also scored with screeching classical music, and has a weird color balance, as well as being shot on poor quality film. It is unclear to me whether the visual style is an artistic choice, or just the result of a 21 year old film student in 1967 not having a lot of resources.

This film might be seen as just an art student

I cut this recipe out of a newspaper over 40 years ago. I do not know which newspaper. Washington Post, probably.

Pastry here.

2 tablespoons butter
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 box (12 ounces) mushrooms, very finely chopped
2 Tablespoons flour
1 1/2 cup light cream
pinch of grated nutmeg
pinch of ground allspice
salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
3 egg yolks


On his desk there’s a Newton’s Cradle. One of those ball bearing things, and it’s still as he scribbles and jots, stops for a moment, looks up, adds a scribble then puts down his pen.

And how are we today.

Me? I’m fine. I don’t know how you are.

I’ll ignore that for now. Terrible thing you went through. All those months. Alone with a man like Johnny Blythe.

Wasn’t as bad as you make it sound.

There’s a word for that. In…

News for Noders

October 1: Oh no! It's Behold a Pale Horse: The 2021 Halloween Horrorquest.

October 17: Happy Birthday gnarl!

October 31: Something spooky will probably happen today. It usually does.

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September 7: С днём рождения, Stasik!

September 16: Feliz cumpleaños Ancientsnow!

September 18: Happy birthday Stuart!

September 25: Happy birthday Templeton!

September 26: Stanislav Petrov Day.

September 27: Happy birthday Uberbanana!

Get ready for The 2021 Halloween Horrorquest, starting in October!

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August 4: Happy birthday avalyn!

August 6: 広島

August 9: 長崎

August 27: Happy birthday Bitriot!

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July 1: Brevity Quest 2021 begins!

July 1: Canada Day.

July 4: America Day.

July 26: Happy birthday teleny!

July 31: Brevity Quest 2021 ends.

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June 1: SciFiQuest 3021: The Quest From the Black Lagoon ends. Rewards will be announced shortly.

June 4: Aesop's Birthday.

June 11: TerribleAspect's birthday!

June 13: Serjeant's Muse's birthday!

June 16: Bloomsday.

June 19: Juneteenth.

June 20: Summer solstice (northern hemisphere) and winter solstice (southern hemisphere).

June 23: AdamTheDewott's birthday!

June 28: Tau Day.

June 30: Get ready for Brevity Quest 2021!

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