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Growing up on a farm in the rural Piedmont region of North Carolina, we ate a lot of home grown food.  Fresh eggs, chicken, fish from the pond.  And plenty of pork chops, spare ribs, and roast pork BBQ because apparently pigs are easy to grow.  My family had some land but otherwise we were relatively poor.  There was a focus on food preservation.  Fresh fruits and vegetables were plentiful and correspondingly we canned a LOT for winter food supplies.  Lots of tomatoes, squash, beans, cucumbers, corn, okra.  Jams and jellies and preserves.  So many pickles.  Pickled beets.  Pickled okra.  Pickled eggs.  Pickled pigs feet

But aside from eating tough old laying hens when they stopped laying, our meat was mostly pork.  Supposedly you can eat every part of a pig but the lungs.  What pork we didn't eat fresh got processed into homemade country ham, bacon, sausage, lard, as well as other things seemingly less appetizing because my great-grandfather never wasted ANYTHING. …

As we sit here, staring at the light rectangle of life, we start to question the reality that once was.

Unhappy people are a lie, an accidental Instagram, a playful friend, who's humor is beyond us all, a suicide note that's just a joke, a temporary lapse in all, a silly cousin with a shawl.


Forget the above, sometimes when I try to write, Pushkin's poetry flow injects itself into what I'm trying to express and I start trying to write like a writer.


Over yonder
where the sun don't tend to set right
lives a mean ornery ol' fellow.
A real sore in the saddle.
That's what they used to say.

Well they still say it
where I'm from.

But anyway
he's fond of goin' "yee-haw!"
But the locals don't appreciate it highly I reckon,
'cause every time -
how should I say this?
Every time he done it
the sun don't set right.

It hangs…

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