The Matrix Revisited, a video released by Warner Brothers on DVD in 2001, two years after the release of the phenomenally successful movie The Matrix.

This 123-minute video contains many interviews with the makers of The Matrix, i.e., the filmmakers, directors, actors, special effects creators, martial artists, the composer, the costume designer, etc. It also contains Yuen Wo Ping's blocking tapes which contain the major kung fu scenes performed by the Hong Kong martial artists who trained the four major stars of The Matrix in kung fu.

The video also has some mention of Matrix 2 and 3, which, it emphasizes, are not sequels but parts 2 and 3 of a trilogy.

It also discusses the philosophy that inspired The Matrix. Keanu Reeves, for example, was required to read several books on philosophy, spirituality, and other topics, before he was allowed to open the script for the first time. The video lists these books.

There is much more: The reaction of the fans, a sneak peek at the cast training sessions for Matrix 2 and 3, etc.

The video is not rated, and Keanu says the f word several times, if that is something you are concerned about.

This is a video which every Matrix fan is likely to enjoy watching.

I received messages as to what specific books Keanu was required to read, so here they are:

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