80s BBC sketch show with Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones, Rowan Atkinson, Pamela Stephenson and early on Chris Langham
Kind of a topical Monty Python.
Rather patchy but always watchable sketch show from the early Eighties. Probably the last sketch show to feature decent comedy songs (such as Kinda Lingers and I Like Trucking). Although small parts of the show were vaguely topical (such as the oft-repeated application of comedy sound effects to news footage), it was mainly a mish-mash of material from a large number of different writers.

I could go on about it having a unique combination of performers, or how the (puerile) humour is an important social document, blah blah blah, but basically it's a fairly good sketch show that is repeated alot because it's cheap and has dated in an interesting way.

Other notable sketches from the show include Rowan Atkinson's randy French architect ("Nelson's Column? It ees Nelson's Willy!"), belching Belgian gourmet and tamed gorilla ("Wild? I was absolutely livid..."), Griff Rhys Jones's racist policeman ("Possession of an offensive wife"), and any number of ten-second visual gags, often involving urinals. Hardly classic, but funny all the same.

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