Ladies and Gentleman, I’m afraid these are the last words you will ever read as a self-aware, conscious, and (probably) sane human being, as unfortunately I’ve dug up a set of facts that will fry your synapses into noodle soup atoms.

1. The Moon Landing Was Real

2. Napoleon Was of Slightly Above Average Height

3. Spinach Doesn’t Contain That Much Iron

4. Hitler

5. By Now I’ve Stretched the Premise Indicated in the Title Enough That It’s Safe to Say It Doesn’t Really Matter What This Headline Says, Especially Considering You’ve Reached the Third and Final Page of This Article Conveniently Spread Over Three Pages to Generate More Clicks, So You Still Reading On and Not Moving to the Next Listicle of Mind Blowing Facts Is Not Just Counterproductive in the Economic Sense of the Social Media Age, It Seems – Somewhat Ironically, Considering the Title of This Article - in Fact Worrying and Might, While Not Necessarily a Sign of What Is Coloquially Known as „Insanity“, at Least Suggest, or Point Toward Some Cognitive or Mental Disorder of Yours That – Again, However – Is Most Certainly Not Caused by a Supposed „Mindblowingness“ (Is That a Word?) of This Listicle, But Could Rather Possibly Be the Result of a Genetic Vulnerability Passed Down From One of Your Parents, of a Traumatic Childhood Experience, of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, or, More Generally, of the Overwhelming Demands of an Ever-Increasingly Complex Modern World That Showers the Individual With Technological Innovations That Alienate Its Users From Themselves and Each Other, of Which This Article, or at Least the Way You Are Reading It, Is a Symptom, but Hopefully Rather a Messenger Than a Carrier

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