The book Emily Post’s Etiquette is a print source with a sturdy binding with black and white text. The 16th edition marks its 75th anniversary. That edition was released in 1997. It costs approximately $35. A typical question that would lead to use of this book is anything relating to manners or etiquette. The purpose of the book is to give the proper ways of doing things in life. It has 45 chapters divided into 9 categories and is 821 pages long. It includes sketches and diagrams. Covers both manners for home and for traveling abroad.

This book is mainly geared toward adults but has sections to teach children manners. You are likely to find this in homes, libraries and even in businesses.

The first edition of this book was written in 1922 and the current edition covers from that point on to the present. The book is fairly easy to use. Simply choose a topic from either the table of contents or from the index and go to the page listed.

The book is an easy read and covers many topics. There are various specialty books based on this one put out by Emily Post’s family. Some of those come in CD-ROM format. There is also a website that has a page to ask questions.

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