This writeup is about the Scottish charity. For the U.S. equivalent, see Donald J. Trump Foundation.

The Foundation for Telling Me How Great I Am is a OSCR-registered philanthropic charitable trust in the United Kingdom created by author, film/television writer, and dot-com millionaire Dick Andrysiak. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, the foundation exists for the purpose of promoting awareness of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and its positive impacts on society. By providing academic scholarships and business grants in support of notable and promising new narcissists, funding scientific research into identifying the genetic and environmental factors that create narcissists, and working to eradicate the negative stigma associated with having an NPD diagnosis, the foundation works tirelessly to bully and intimidate others into realizing its vision.

Mission Drive

Chairman of the foundation's board of trustees Nigel Farage described the mission driver behind the organization's charter in a commencement speech given to the 2019 graduating class of Fettes College in Edinburgh (transcript reprinted with permission):

Graduates, narcissism is good.
Sure, people talk about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or NPD as we call it, like it's a bad thing. But without narcissists, global capitalism would not exist as it does today. Untold thousands of corporations are successful on the world stage because their presidents and chief executives are raging narcissists who will exploit anyone and anything to serve their own needs. The banking and for-profit healthcare industries as we know them could not exist without the kind of shameless selfishness that's commonly associated with NPD. Indeed, the entire global economy, its stock markets, private insurance companies, casinos, and other fabulously successful rackets, would likely collapse tomorrow were it not driven relentlessly by men and women alike who are unbelievably head-over-heels in fucking love with themselves while subtly threatening and gaslighting everyone around them. We are truly the greatest sort of people God ever created, and it's never too late for you to join us.
I'm sure many of your mothers or fathers are narcissists like me, and if so you should put aside your so-called PTSD and related childhood trauma and be proud to hold your head up and declare yourself someone who empowers narcissism in others. NPD is a fascinatingly rich and profitable condition that modern society depends upon, and when combined with sociopathy and/or psychopathy, well! ...there's just no stopping a mix like that! I mean, the richest nation on Earth is being led by perhaps the most egregious narcissist to ever draw a breath! What more validation would anyone require? We need to stop treating NPD like it's some kind of mental illness. It needs to be fostered as a virtue within every school and public institution around the world. It's one thing that Prime Minister Johnson and I agree on without hesitation.


Citing Brexit as one of its successes, the foundation's research in collaboration with the World Bank shows that NPD is growing in popularity, and since 2016 potentially as many as 40% of the voters in some of the largest Western countries not only support candidates with NPD, but could be diagnosed with borderline NPD themselves. Data shows no significant correlation between wealth and income and the likelihood of someone having or developing narcissism, but high correlation with having or developing other delusional beliefs along with a propensity to support authoritarianism or fascistic governmental systems.


The administrative offices of the Foundation for Telling Me How Great I Am can be found inside the Bank of Scotland building at 167-201 Argyle St, Glasgow G2 8BU, United Kingdom. Regional chapter offices are located in Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Swansea, and Rutland.

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