Things are starting to look up for me.

I found a new place to live. It's a really nice apartment that's in a three-story building next to a running trail and a beach. The superintendent lives onsite and seems friendly and competent. The building is owned by a reputable company. I don't think I'll have the same problems there that I've been having here. No more sewage backing up into my bathtub due to a plug in the line that my landlord suspects my neighbour put there deliberately. No more rusty water staining the bathtub yellow. I'll have my own hydro meter instead of sharing one in an illegal duplex with a neighbour who leaves her windows and doors open all winter and then blasts her air conditioner every day in the summer. I could go on and on about all the problems here. Long story short, my current place is sketchy as fuck and the new place isn't. I just need to stick it out for six more weeks.

My neighbour (let's call her Morgan) is still an issue. Morgan stopped harassing me for about a month after she was threatened with eviction. Then she started up again, just as I knew she would. I no longer have any sympathy for her. I have sent my landlord a copy of the police report (as per his request) which will help him in his efforts to evict her. This past week Morgan pissed me off so badly that I sent my landlord my security camera footage from the night she banged on my door while swearing at me. I still need to send him the text messages she sent me that night, in which she called me a "fucking cunt" and other such things. In the past two weeks she has confronted me in the driveway, attempted to steal my internet, and sent me aggressive and insulting text messages. There is also still a huge bag of garbage on my side of the driveway that's been sitting there for over a month, even though she's been told to dispose of it. Crows have ripped into it. I have reported it. In her last text message, she was angry with me for taking a photo of her garbage. I told her that I would no longer speak to her directly, and to have her case worker contact me if she had anything to tell me. I blocked her number. It felt good.  

The next few weeks likely won't be as peaceful as I'd hoped, but they should be entertaining. Morgan is now having sex with the married guy across the street. I have no idea if he has an open relationship or what's going on there, but I don't see it ending well. They woke me up at 3am with their loud activities. She yelled his name at one point, so that's how I know it's him. I found it both annoying and hilarious. This guy has a police record, and his husband is a little bit . . . unbalanced.  I'm going to keep my mouth shut and wait for the shit show to start. I hope it happens before I move

Anyway, I've been focusing on what needs to happen in the next month. I've been going through my stuff and throwing out whatever I don't want to bring with me to the new place. I've been spending time at my father's garden plot at least once a week. I have a few things planted there I like to check on, plus I've been weeding the rows of vegetables. I have a temporary job that was offered to me at just the right time, so I've been busy with that. I'll have to look for another job soon, preferably something more permanent. I've had two appointments with a therapist. I'm not sure yet if she's the right match for me. I do feel better about trying to get help for myself, at least. I need to work on my mindset and my self esteem. Those are the main things holding me back. 

I've decided to not train for a race this year as originally planned. Can't remember if I mentioned that in my last entry or not. I was doing really well with my weekly mileage until all this drama happened. Now I have too many other things going on. Plus, I don't feel comfortable running in my neighbourhood. I don't think anything bad would happen, but I also didn't think any of that other stuff would happen. I feel on edge whenever I pull into my driveway or have to go out my door. So I drive out to one of the two paved trails in town and go running there instead. I plan to eventually try running on the trails at the nearby nature reserve and the provincial park. I'm going to run a trail race in April, so I need to stay in shape.

I think that's it for now. Thanks for reading.

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