Snake-like Arcade Rogue-like


Think Nimble Quest but without a square grid.


A very simple arcade game, you control a line of adventurers in a snakelike formation. The snake is always moving forward, you can only steer left/right.

The adventurers automatically take action: loosing arrows, casting spells and cursing baddies.

Every round confronts the snake against waves of monsters. Finish all waves and you get to go to the shop, to add more adventurers (up to 7 in regular play) or upgrade them.

Having several adventurers of the same meta-class (e.g. «healers») grants them bonuses.


Your initial selection of adventurers, the upgrades, the classes found between rounds, et cetera are randomized.

Die, and it’s back to the beginning.


It’s a great «does only one thing but extremely well» game. At this price point, you can do much worse. Of course, it’s not an easy game and there’s not that much depth compared with other roguelikes reviewed here.

For the curious, the trailer should tell you pretty much all you need to know. I think it’s a good, small game to fit in breaks. I’d say go for it.

The dev likes to write at length about the game post-launch. It’s an interesting—and long—read that many devs don’t do these days.


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