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2018 - 92 as of 19/12 not including.


I've rolled
I've crawled
I've staggered
I've walked
I've walked on my hands
I've ran
I've sprinted
I've strutted
I've shuffled
I've swam
I've pranced
I've skipped
I've danced
I've piggy backed and been piggy backed
I've been dragged by my hair
I've walked on stilts
I've been in a wheelchair
I've walked on/with? crutches
I've travelled a few miles in an office swivel chair
I've used a shopping trolley for transport
I've walked on a barrel
I've rolled down a hill inside a cable spool
I've used a pogo-stick
I've ridden a horse
I've ice skated
I've skied
I've been on a snowmobile
I've been on a rollercoaster
I've tobogganed
I've sand tobogganed
I've been on a balance board
I've skateboarded
I've longboarded
I've skateboarded using an umbrella as a sail
I've 'skated' a pallet jack
I've been transported via a gurney (of course)
I've snake-boarded
I've roller bladed
I've roller skated
I've been on a scooter (scootered?)
I've ridden a bike
I've ridden an electric bike
I've been dinked on a bike.
I've driven a bumper car
I've driven a go-kart
I've *attempted* to ride a unicycle
I've been on a hoverboard (a segway without handles)
I've kayaked
I've canoed
I've rowed a boat
I've body surfed
I've body boarded
I've skim boarded
I've surfed
I've windsurfed
I've been on a boat (and err.. controlled/captained/skippered one?)
I've been on a ship
I've been on a ferry
I've been on a cruise-ship
I've been on (and sailed) a sailboat (and a kayak)
I've ridden a motorbike
I've been on a back of a motorbike
I've driven a bumper car
I've driven a car
I've driven a rally car
I've driven a convertible
I've driven a truck
I've been in an ambulance (too many)
I've been on a bus
I've been on a trolleybus
I've been in a fire truck (and driven one)
I've been in a police car
I've been in the back of a divvy van (some Australian should node that)
I've been in a back of a ute (and driven one)
I've been on a plane
I've been in a helicopter
I've been in and have flown a glider
I've been on a tram
I've been on a train
I've been on (top of) a freight train

I've been to:
- USSR (do I even need to list the 5 other ones?)
- Russia
- Ukraine
- Moldova
- Kazakhstan (not intentionally)
- Uzbekistan
- Finland (accidentally, rangers had to be paid in Vodka)
- Australia
- France
- UK
- New Caledonia
- Vanuatu
- Vietnam (stop off)
- China (if you count Hong Kong as China)
(I'm not well traveled, I haven't had the money, nor time (and hence the drive), but if I won the lottery, I'd try to visit every country)

I have painted a painting (even sold a few)
I have drawn a drawing
I have written stuff that people liked
I have made origami
I have made modular origami
I have made a few programs (address books, games, chat bots, things that draw quadratic equations, etc..)
I have made a small balsa wood glider
I have made a friendship bracelet
I have made a candle
I have made a wax sculpture
I have made a bronze sculpture
I have made a stone sculpture
I have made etchings
I have made bracelets
I have made rings
I have made whips
I have made lead fishing sinkers (by melting lead on the stove, as you do)
I have made a table
I have made a work bench
I have made a stool
I have made a knife
I have weaved a handkerchief
I have planted trees
I have made some babies which weren't meant to be

I've been bitten by a dog
I've been bitten by a cat
I've been bitten by a bee
I've been bitten by a wasp
I've been bitten by a bumblebee
I've been bitten by a mosquito (who hasn't been)
I've been bitten by an ant
I've been bitten by a horse fly
I've been bitten? by a jellyfish
I've been nibbled on by fish
I've been pinched by crabs
I've been pinched by yabbies
I've been bitten by a man
and of course I've been bitten by my wife

I've been arrested
I've been in a courtroom (too many times)
I've called 000 (Australian version of 911)
I've seen someone die, slowly, in front of me
I've seen dead people
I've skinny dipped
I've fire twirled
I've fire breathed
I've told people a heartfelt "FUCK YOU!", a few times (if you are thinking about it, do it! (unless it's your boss or SO (unless you need a change)))
I've told people I don't like them
I've been in a car accident
I've crashed my motorbike
I've been hit by a car 3 times (in one day)
I've fractured a bone
I've dislocated my shoulder (thanks dad:)
I've shot a pistol
I've shot a rifle
I've shot a shotgun
I've shot a bow
I've shot a compound bow
I've thrown knives
I've thrown hatchets
I've thrown axes
I've hit a bullseye from 70m with my bow
I've driven drunk
I've driven naked (and a little drunk)
I've driven over 200km/h
I've driven with both feet out of the window
I've driven while sitting on the window
I've steered with my foot while sitting on my rollbar
I've done a handbreakie (another node for my Australian friends)
I've done a burnout (come on Aussies! this one is missing as well)
I've done a doughnut
I've climbed a tree
I've chopped down a tree
I've fallen out of a tree
I've howled like a wolf
I've broken into an abandoned insane asylum (possibly more than one)
I've knocked someone's front teeth out
I've smoked
I've drunk
I've taken drugs
I've gambled
I've lied
I've cheated
I've yelled
I've screamed
I've raged

I've been to the The Bolshoi Theatre
I've been to the Louvre
I've been to Hermitage
I've been on the London Eye