The Starliner Diner is an eclectic Cuban restaurant located at 5240 Cemetery Road in Hilliard, OH - a suburb of Columbus.
Phone : 614-529-1198

One could consider it a hole in the wall restaurant due to the location and the building (and old strip mall next to a Veterinarian's office). 

When you enter you might think you've stepped into your odd uncle Tedd's version of fashion chic.  The walls are covered with kitsch.  In the main dining room you will find a bean collage of Elvis, 20 or so early 60's style wire frame clocks, a wall covered with tiny, table-top pinball machines, and even a small carousel horse.  The main wall next to the booths is an enormous mural of the man in the crescent moon (basically their trademark symbol), a sweet looking, kissy-lipped sun, flying flapjacks and over-easy eggs in a blue, starry night sky.  The Bar area is Aztec paintings and styling with a long oak bar.  The atmosphere is friendly, laid back and visually pleasing.

Their hours are Tuesday through Friday: 8 am to 9 pm, Saturday: 9 am to 10 pm and Sunday: 9 am to 3 pm.

Good things to eat at Starliner Diner

Black Bean Nachos: by far some of the best nachos one will find in Columbus.
Huge platter of nachos covered with an outrageous amount of cheeses. Black beans, and smokey salsa - yum!
Bowl of Chili: This chili would be considered standard fare were it not for the beef brisket, cheese and jalapeno cornbread on top. Very Good

Banana/(?) pancakes: a complete statement on their own. One can order them six days a week with bananas and they will occasionally have special combinations (blueberry, mango, etc...).. Wow!
Huevos Rancheros: Eggs any way you like them, with black beans and rice or potatoes. Side of thick Cuban toast.
Chili Cheese Omelette: Eggs any way with Starliner Chili... great combo.
French Toast: Huge bowl of cubed French toast made with heavy, thick Cuban bread, sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Lunch / Dinner
Azteca Chicken: Probably the best food put on earth. Chicken breast stuffed with Mexican Chorizo and cheese, breaded and baked. Served with smoky salsa and black beans and rice.
Jambalaya: Another great dish, sausage, beef, chicken and shrimp with peppers, potatoes, onions served over a bed of rice.

The prices are very good, the food kicks ass, and the decor is early garage sale...
one of the best places to eat in Columbus

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