Since, as recently noded, Bigfoot has been making news of late, I thought I'd share here my Quora answer to the above question.

Everybody (on Quora) seems to think this easily goes to Chewbacca, but it would depend in part what the location and conditions of the fight were. If this fight were to take place in Bigfoot’s territory, and neither combatant had any weaponry more advanced than the Stone Age (a lot of Quora people giving great weight to Chewbacca's bowcaster), I’d have to give it to Bigfoot. Living in the wild requires considerable strength and skill, both to hunt and to stave off predators. And look at that thick-ribbed, barrel-chested physique!! (At this point in my Quora answer I posted the crypto-classic photo of Bigfoot running away into the woods.) I’d guess that Bigfoot easily exceeds Chewbacca’s physical strength, and has all the swiftness and coordination needed to fend off a pack of wolves, grizzly bear, or raging moose.

I additionally wouldn’t lay too much on Chewbacca’s intelligence (which Quorans seem to think gives Chewie another edge) — not that I’m doubting it, but there are versions of the Bigfoot legend which depict the creature as being self-aware, sensitive, and spiritual.

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