A catch phrase that probably spawned off of the police calling some suspects "armed and dangerous". It can now be used for almost any situation in which someone either is or is pretending to be armed in either a physical or mental sense. You could call a little kid with two squirt guns armed and dangerous. It's kind of used in a joking fashion.

Armed and Dangerous is a comedy from 1986 starring the late John Candy. This movie was directed by Mark L. Lester and was written by Brian Grazer, James Keach, Harold Ramis, and Peter Torokvei. In addition to John Candy the case includes Eugene Levy, Robert Loggia, Kenneth McMillan, Meg Ryan, Brion James, Tom "Tiny" Lister Jr., and more.

Undercover. Overdressed. And keeping you safe from the scum of the earth.

Frank Dooley (John Candy) is a recently fired cop. Norman Kane (Eugene Levy) is an out of work lawyer. Both of them go to work for a security guard company and end up in the training program at the same time. For their first job they get pair together to guard a warehouse. It gets robbed and now the two must investigate the crime on their own time to clear their names. Along the way they also have to deal with a corrupt union and Norman falls for Maggie Cavanaugh (Meg Ryan) who also works for the private security firm and is related to the owner.

Not a great movie. It is probably about average for a John Candy film. If you enjoy a lot of the other films he has been in you may enjoy this one also. There was definitely some funny scenes in this movie and some good one-liners, but for the most part it was a series of one-liners and gags. Definitely not a serious movie, but should be enjoyable for the light-hearted or easily amused (like myself).

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