Colors is a bi-monthly magazine produced by the United Colors of Benetton. The primary content is photography and facts from countries the world over, all inter-related by some (usually controversial) topic. It is bilingual, available only in English and one of Spanish, French, German or Italian. They also maintain a website at (warning - make sure you have shockwave flash!).

The premiere issue of this magazine had a statement that epitomizes the spirit of the thing:

Diversity is good... there has been a lot of talk about the planet becoming 'smaller' - that technology, whether it's the jet plane or fax machine or communications sattelite, is erasing the differences between cultures and peoples. We don't think that this should be the case... We don't want to sell our culture to you. We want you to tell us about your culture."

-- Colors 1, Winter 1991

Worn by members of a patch club. Many groups encourage their members to wear colors. Unfortunately, the confusion with gang-colors and the reputation of outlaw bike clubs such as Hell's Angels markedly increase the likelihood of interest of police in a rider's activities.

Street gangs which are often associated with inner city violence and for association with organized crime also wear colors. That, however is pretty much the only point of similarity.

The design of club colors is often striking art. Designs range from military inspired symbols in black and white to elaborate and beautiful emblems. Computerized embroidering has resulted in some modern emblems featuring a range of color and complexity not used in earlier days. A few designs dating from the 1940's through the present may be found at

In the leather community the earning of colors may be secondary to the more basic earning of leathers. Traditionally those who entered the scene were expected to forgo wearing decorative leather (protective riding gear or boots excepted). A novice would be considered highly presumptuous to wear a bar vest, harness or especially a cap until being given his or her first article of leather.

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