A2S3: We are alone together, me and the aether.

2021: 11:42 A2S3 declares the lizard to be the Boss of the State of Washington, effective as soon as the dust settles on the various former state government and shelters are built over the ashes.

2021: August America, you're weird and I don't want to be near you


on racism

9/2016: Cool Man Eddie says Sweet! NanceMuse just awarded you a Gold Star, because earning the honor of "Most Confusing Quest Ever" deserves more than 2 GP.

single payer healthcare, medicare for all, so we can join the civilized countries....
Happy Easter 2021
I am tired. Thinking. It is difficult to access help when you are disbelieved. And/or weird.


My flog, I mean blog, is resurrected.

3/3/19 I miss hard science: I LOVED the rat brain lecture, sigh. I gotta subscribe to some hard science journal, medicine is so slippery and messy and infested with PEOPLE.

A good part of the reason.

etouffee says laughs, I think that deserves a Tshirt- "try being a Manic Lizard" - that is just classic

me misses moeyz

RedOmega: Eh, kombucha holds no interest for me. I'm totally put off by all the people who claim it has crazy health effects. Like, if you just think it tastes good, that's fine. But I'm tired of being told that kombucha/CBD/whatever will cure my anxiety, give me better sleep, reduce my pain, make my bowel movements more regular, and bring my grandma back from the dead.
Auspice: Yeah totally. And really, who wants zombie grandma?

https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2008-jan-06-tm-kombucha1-story.html wowowwowowow

I tend to like most people and nearly all of my patients, but am quite afraid of most people.
I feel safe in the woods, honestly.
Less scared of bears and cougars.
People are interesting, batshit crazy and scary.