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The Best of The Week

Posting this for our non-USian friends who might want some "color commentary" on what's going on over here. Let me know if it isn't helpful.


The US elections are getting even more fiery.

Hillary Clinton's folks are getting some flak for spending $1 million to purchase the services of internet people whose sole purpose is to go online and astroturf. For the record, that's referring to creating "artificial grassroots" by planting people to post online as genuine supporters. The initiative is called "Correct the Record" - and it drew howls of derision from supporters of Donald Trump as well as Bernie Sanders. The Clinton folks rightly pointed out the double standard here, given that Sanders has paid out ten times that amount to similar initiatives, a fact which his supporters went very very quiet about when this was revealed.

The other bombshell on the Democrat side is that Sanders finally agreed in a public venue to support Hillary Clinton if she's the nominee,…

Of all the candidates in the 2011-2012 Republican Primary, it was Herman Cain who proved to be prophetic. In that campaign, he was incredibly ill-informed, and willing to say ludicrous things, and people loved him for it, because he was so easy to make fun of. The rest of the candidates actually tried to sound intelligent. Staid. Stuffy. But Not Herman Cain. He was too busy talking about U-beki-beki-beki-stan. He bowed out with a…




There are other smiles in the world

but when I see them,  I don't smile back 


There are other songs on the radio,

they are the ones I listen to; the ones I can tolerate


There are other fingertips, other lips, other pillows

I have known a few


On cloudless…