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The Best of The Week

Oh, my. Today is the day I turn 60 years of age. 60.

When I was young, 60 was old. Ancient. Ready for the nursing home.

I’ve rarely been affected by birthday 'milestones' – 30 didn’t bother me, 40 was the gateway to some of the best times ever, and 50 was just another number.

But 60 – that makes you start thinking. Thinking about how you really don’t have that expanse of time stretching out in front of you (OK, life isn’t guaranteed to anyone, but when you’re in your 20s or 30s, you sort of have that expectation that you’ll be around for a long while).

You start thinking that 70 and 80 are “just around the corner”, if you make it that long. You start wondering which things you can do now will become things you can’t do anymore. You’re truly a “senior citizen”. You’re going to start falling apart.

I've caught myself thinking these things. Hell, it started around 57 or 58. But I came…

Selfies were not a new thing at all when the phenomenon for some reason started receiving unreasonable media attention during the early/mid-2010s. What was new was the insistence that they were trendy now. The idea that somehow, selfies had become cool, was cemented in the existence of fake selfies. I am not talking about selfies that were manipulated in some way to make the people in them, or the background, look more interesting or attractive. I am talking about regular photos set up to look…

What is wellness and what is illness?

Many of the people that I see in clinic want healing. But healing is complicated. Many people define healing as "I want to be the way I was six years ago when I felt good."

I delve into the time when they felt good. Sometimes when I start asking about it, they were very busy. Often very stressed. Often not paying attention to their own care, caring for someone else, a parent, a child, a partner. Or overworking