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The Best of The Week

The damn kids from Beyond Thunderdome are not in the film.

Mad Max: Fury Road is not a balanced movie.

But that's not what you wanted, is it?

Seriously. Remember those 6-8 minutes of The Road Warrior where the combat centers around the rig? Okay, maybe 10-12 minutes of actual action. Remember that? You do? Did you like it?

I hope so, because Fury Road is basically nothing but that for maybe 2-2.25 hours.

As mentioned above, an unusual bout of rain disrupted the planned filming in Australia. Originally planned to be filmed near Broken Hill, the production was postponed when a large rainfall season ended up blanketing the desert in wildflowers. While gorgeous, it just really doesn't scream 'WASTELAND' and thus the whole thing was packed up and shipped to Namibia. Where, of course, it turns out there is a fragile lichen-based dune ecosystem which the production is now accused of running roughshod over with their chariots of fire and…

Green goose was once a popular dish in England, although it was strictly seasonal. A green goose was a young goose, only 3-4 months old, and thus generally only available in May and June. While a full-grown goose might weigh from 8 to 20 pounds, a green goose is just a bit larger than a full-grown chicken.

The traditional full-grown goose is a massive bird, one that would need to be hung to age the meat, that would be cooked for over an hour, and would usually be stuffed to…

Dedicated to the memory of B.B. King.

When I was a teenager, my younger brother had a friend named Edd. My brother tended to befriend all the misfits in the neighborhood and while Edd didn't outwardly appear to be one of my brother's misfit sidekicks, further inspection showed otherwise.

Not long after I met Edd, he decided we had more in common than he did with my brother. He wanted to sit in on the Dungeons and Dragons