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I can TVify, VGify, Musicify, and NaturalLogify the same damn node! Now, someone write something that I can legitimately do all four to.
Being bad at riichi mahjong and being good at being a turtle.
Kaiser Permanente, Portland Community College, TIMECallers, Community2
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Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: A teaching exercise
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Reddit died, and now I'm back! I started here as a bright-eyed naive high school boy, and I return here as a glassy-eyed bitter middle-aged woman!

<TanisNikana> This is Real Life. That, out there, is WorkAndComeHomeToYourTVDinnerAndGetNoSex2.
<sam512> I turn my back for two minutes and when I come back, we're bidding on a still-beating human heart.
<Swap> I know who's TanisNikana's secret admirer, and I'm not telling!
65 percent of videos purchased in hotels are pornos. They are on for an average length of 12 minutes
tanisnikana at gmail dot com

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