She once found a handwritten note, inside of a shoe

sitting in a box in an antique shop 

 smudged blue ink,  written in a language she did not know 


She threw away the shoe, but kept the note for years,  until finally 

Curosity led her to a library, who sent her to a translator 


The first person deferred,  recommending a retired college instructor

an elderly woman in a cold grey apartment building,  5th floor


She opened the door slowly,  squinting, 

assessing her risk of violence perhaps,  then invited her in 


Dr.S  fished around in a desk for a magnifying glass, 

then sat across from her at the small kitchen table, 

reading it aloud to herself,  a whisper,  lips barely moving 


Yes, she said, I know this.  I know what it says ... 

- did you want me to write it out for you ? 


Вернись ко мне, я не могу дышать спертым воздухом, который ты оставляешь здесь.




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