Biometric Fingerprinting

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Mothers of Invention

Cogent Systems, manufacturers of automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS), and processors of scanned prints were bought August 30, 2010 for 943 million dollars by the 3M Company. (1902-2002 the Minnesota, Mining and Manufacturing Company) out of the St. Paul, Minnesota suburb of Maplewood, Minnesota; then renamed 3M Cogent, Inc. They are used for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI clearances, for various entities.

They have several sized scanners that used lights and mirrors that made 14 scans for fingerprint card identical to the cards that use ink. The transaction was submitted electronically to 3M Cogent in Dublin, Ohio; The results were then sent to the department that needed them. And various ways those are sent to the fingerprinted clients, or clearance personnel entities.

Many different sites offer this service, however, not all states used 3M Cogent, but I know they were in Pennsylvania and Florida, the former area is where I had performed these duties. I had fingerprinted thousands, met many teachers, who I worked with later. 

A funny side story: many could not be printed, and when I printed myself, the 'expert' I too had difficulties with dry hands like so many previous customers.

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Update:  IdentoGO replaced it in PA