When I was a child there was a German TV show (dubbed to my language) that explained Greek philosophy to children by having actors in togas roam Ancient Greek ruins and dramatize some scenes. I'm terribly sorry (for myself, really) that I don't have the reference to this, as I'd love to rewatch it.

To the point: there was an episode on Pythagoras that burns so bright in my memory that it probably can be found inside my skull with some sufficiently powered brain scanning device. At the climax, Pythagoras is crouching with his disciples and drawing lines in the sand and proves (or maybe just illustrates with the squares attached to each side of the triangle) the Pythagorean theorem. Then someone interjects:

"Is this true for all triangles?"

"All triangles. All triangles that have ever been drawn. And all triangles that will never be drawn."

This ruined my life. I'm not exceptionally intelligent and even worse in the discipline department, but here I am slogging through a Masters in mathematics, dreaming about a PhD in physics because... I can't let go. Like a ghetto kid who saw a brutal crime happen before his face and 20 years later is a criminal himself, this platonic appeal of mathematics is an overwhelming emotional thing, and the euphoric sensation that can be had when understanding (really understanding, to your bones) something really difficult is incomparable.